Create a Symfony 5 project with Docker PHP MySQL Nginx and Node - Part1 (2021)

Merci à Cyril T. pour sa contribution le 23/08/2021

Gary Clarke
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In this video I show you how to create a Symfony 5 project with Docker PHP, MySQL, Nginx, and Node using Docker and Docker Compose.

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Say goodbye to the frustrations of having to install everything on your computer. The only software you will need to follow along is Docker Desktop. What's more, you don't need any previous experience with Docker because I'll explain everything as I work through it each step.

This is the first of two parts in which I will create separate containers for Nginx, PHP, MySQL8, and Node. I'll connect the containers using a Docker Compose network so that everything just works in perfect harmony.

By the end these recordings you will have a Symfony5 application running on an Nginx web server and connected to a MySQL database. As additional bonuses, I'll also cover:

- How to connect a database management application so that you can view your data using a gui.
- Using composer in my PHP container to install Symfony, Doctrine, and other useful packages.
- Adding Javascript modules and compiling frontend assets using Webpack Encore.
- All the tools you will need to start a web application in 2020.
- The best PHPStorm setup and plugins for Symfony development.

Here's a link to the repo on github: