Next js and Tailwind CSS project - IMDB CLONE Movie App

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Next.js and Tailwind CSS project: Build the IMDB Clone using...

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Tailwind CSS and Next.js project:
IMDB clone
Now available for ReactJS, the most popular JavaScript library!

Built with Next.js and Tailwind CSS

Overview of the Movie App Project Using Nextjs and Tailwind CSS
Complete the template with components

What is Next.js and how does it work with IMDb?


I'm going to style it with TailwindCSS and Next.js.
Next.js is a JavaScript framework...

With ReactJS, NextJS, TailwindCSS & the imdb API.
This is a create-next-app project.

This is a NextJS and Tailwind Hulu-clone.
It retrieves movies from the TMDB database.
hulu-tmdb-api nextjs

What is needed to run an app?
Stack technology NodeJS 14
ResponsiveJS (CRA)
Typescript (JS)

Soon, more projects!
NextJS, Tailwind CSS, IMDb API...
You can browse and rent heroes and villains in my React app.

VueJS app using TMDb API.
Next.js clone of Hulu using VueJS for learning.

Tailwind CSS for Laravel Movie App - Part 1

A Movie App with Laravel, Tailwind CSS, and the Movie DB REST API.
I review the various...

Andre Madarang Mar 2020

Esteban Trochez | Contra clone Hulu

React, Next, Tailwind CSS, Rest API, grid and flexbox are used to build the Hulu Clone web app.